February 9, 2013

The Mahdi - The Underachievers

Featuring the same sample as the classic 93 Til Infinity, the Underachievers bring it on this track. With a laid-back, but focused rapping style, they manage to create a track that will both excite and chill you out.

The 90s are still alive in hip hop: Isaac Dash and Ak (22 and 21 years old) are determined to keep it kicking with their first release since signing with Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder. With a sound that both harkens back to late 90s backpack hip hop and never settles for dull imitation, the duo are certainly making a name for themselves. It helps that they can both spit comfortably on almost any beat – they are not lacking in talent and technical skill. Though the mixtape is consistently good, there is potential for better things to come from the New York duo. If they can develop distinct personalities on the mic, they will be a truly dangerous combination.


Check out their mixtape, Indigoism, on datPiff – it’s guaranteed to infiltrate your rotation. 

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